Two Journey’s . . . Each for a Voice


My last post introduced the book I’m currently reading, On the Come Up , I’ve gotten far but I’m not finished yet. The book continues to get better,  the characters become richer and more relatable with flaws as well as features . Bri, the main character, makes it through her first battle in the ring but more is in store for her. As she continues to rap she is reminded of her dad, because for so many years rapping was his world and the ring was his place. Bri seems to be trying to do her own thing, but the author makes it evident that at some point Bri needs to confront the memory of her father and figure out what he meant to her. Bri has a love interest, her best friend, and I can’t wait to see how that turns out. In Thomas’ last book the main character starts with a boyfriend, but in this one Bri starts out single. Yet both of them have to continuously work on their relationships, with themselves, friends, and family. I continue to find differences and similarities between these characters, two young African American women searching for their voice. I’m excited to find out where Bri’s life takes her, the choices she makes, and what direction this book goes in.

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