Keep Calm and Read On!

Unknown-1                                         Angie Thomas pictured with her two novels

So lately, because of the quarantine, I’ve been stuck at home and the best part is it’s a good time for me to catch up on my reading. Sticking with the book review theme, I just started On the Come Up, another book by Angie Thomas. This book makes some connections with her previous book, but if you haven’t read it, you can still read this one. Unlike other series, Thomas’ books have similar themes, yet aren’t solely connected. I find this refreshing, because I like the freedom that comes with individual books vs. series. Whereas Starr, the main character of The Hate U Give had a strong family to help her express herself, this character had to do it all on her own. The story is that ‘Bri’ Jackson, a rapping star in the making, is following the steps of her dead father. Bri’s mother, grief stricken after her father’s death, turns to drugs. Her mother eventually sobers up, but not without leaving a negative imprint on her daughter’s psyche. The story starts with Bri getting ready to do an important rap battle, and she’s waiting for the call to see if she gets in.


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