My Process . . . for the Blog and More

I have posted about my blogging process, and the creation of my blog with the help of some people that have experience using this medium. However, I never mentioned why I chose to use a blog and focus specifically on important women in history who were left out of the history books.  I have always been interested in women’s history and I received a gift  of the book Rejected Princesses By Jason Porath, the same year that I visited Judy Chicago’s piece The Dinner Party which I used as a starting point for my blog. My mom offered that I use the blog as a way to share information and do research about amazing women that I was learning about. The women who fought in war were of particular interest to me, like the Night Witches, an all female group of Russian fighter pilots in WWII.   I read about  Cathay Williams, otherwise known as William Cathay, a black female soldier in the the Civil War who dressed as a man and served in the all black regiment of the Buffalo Soldiers. Through her I learned more about the thousands of women who dressed up as men to fight in the Civil War. Then I researched more into women’s roles in the civil war. I went back to the Dinner Party and stumbled upon the Grimke sisters, who are on the base of this important piece of feminist art work, and from there I learned about women in history connected to them and women now, like RBG who are connected to them. The story of Sarah’s life is what I have decided on for now. I hope in future to be able to find and share more stories about other women who have been left out of the history books and find ways to share their stories.

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