A history of Women’s History Month


In celebration of Women’s History Month, I’m creating this post on the history of Women’s History Month. The national holiday started in the early 1970’s in the United States, as a way to get children in schools to learn more about the important role of women in history, and how the contribution of these women had been unrecognized. The holiday was immediately taken to and expanded. At first it was celebrated just a week in March, and then March officially became the month in 1987. Two important people that began pushing for this holiday were Molly Murphy MacGregor and Gerda Lerner.  Gerda Lerner was an author and historian and is sometime referred to as the “mother” of women’s history.  She founded the first women’s history program at Sarah Lawrence College in 1972.  When I began my blog one of the first books I read was The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina: Pioneers for Woman’s Rights and Abolition by Gerda Lerner. Thirty two years after the first National Women’s History Month was celebrated we continue to take time during March to respect, honor and learn about women’s important contributions throughout history.


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