Compliment Challenges

My last post was on people’s unwillingness or inability to take a compliment. I did some research and found out that the idea of not accepting a compliment can be related to your self-view. People with low self-esteem don’t see themselves as very smart or very talented. So when you compliment them, they get flustered, even angry sometimes. This is because to them you just disagreed on a very important subject, themselves. I used to have a much less positive view of myself, and every time someone would compliment me it would feel like a direct threat, even a mockery. A well-meaning compliment can seem like a cruel prank to someone who doesn’t see themselves as worthy. However, after realizing that agreeing with a compliment isn’t the same thing as bragging, and that compliments are ways of people expressing their appreciation of you, it was easier. In order to break this wall of miscommunication, you need to start to love yourself and begin to see the love in every compliment given.

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