A Process In Philosophy

I like questions, I like the curiosity of people. The audacity to push forward in a dangerous world and search out newness. We would live in such a small world if we weren’t always looking at it from different angle. I’m not a scientist but my favorite part of science is not the answers, it’s the continuous journey to find the answers and then set up new questions.

 A true scientist won’t stop after they find the solution, they’ll go looking for the next question , they’ll hunt down the next intellectual struggle. A good artist, a true artist, can barely stop painting, can hardly put down the brush, even if the canvas is packed. They push for a depth they can’t reach, imagine a creation too perfect to achieve, and nearly get there, a masterpiece in any form. A real mathematician can’t just solve the simple problems, they have to keep working until nothing works anymore, and then still advance the equation. The beauty of humanity is the ability to strive towards perfection, despite perfection being an impossible standard. I see humanity as a person, a free-thinking individual with dreams and goals, an ambitious character to say the least. Humanity isn’t perfect, nothing is. Humanity is forever growing and changing, reaching towards an unattainable perfection.

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