Second Conference, First Book Review

The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt was written by Ken Krimstein in 2018. Krimstein creates a beautiful portrait of Arendt’s life, and you can tell the amount of research and work he put into the graphic novel. He doesn’t skip over the hard spots, including Arendt’s controversial piece Eichmann in Jerusalem. Krimstein eloquently communicates the disconnection and lost friends over this hugely disputed piece. Yet he also shows the amazing devotion and support from her loving husband Heinrich Blucher. You really get an insight as to what Arendt’s life was like, especially her childhood. One fun little part of the book is the story of Arendt getting kicked out of her school for protesting because the teachers were “too dumb”. Krimstein uses the three escapes as a way to tell her story from beginning to end. He describes the three escapes in her life, and through these events he tells her story flawlessly. Arendt did so much, and wrote so much work,  it’s amazing how much Krimstein captures. Arendt wrote six impactful non-fiction books on deep philosophical issues, and numerous essays,  that changed how people saw the world. Her life was incredible and her ideas revolutionary and still relevant. Krimstein captures the essence of Hannah in this unique and beautiful graphic novel.
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