More on the OAH Conference 2019


Sorry about the delay, things got a little hectic with the end of the school year and all. When I went to OAH, I went to three great seminars. The first seminar was on incarcerated women, and the first women’s prison in Indiana. I went to this seminar because I didn’t know anything about the topic. I heard a lot of smart people speak, some people that were currently incarcerated and other women who had been incarcerated. At first women used to be in the same prisons as men, but obviously, that had major issues. In 1873, the first official women’s prison was created so that women could have a separate facility from men. This prison had serious problems, from women getting dunked and hosed down, to flat out whipping and beating the women. I had never even heard of any of this before I went to OAH, but it was a really interesting thing to learn about. The people who spoke genuinely knew what they were talking about, and had a passion for the subject that showed in their presentation.  I attended a presentation on women in politics from the 1970’s to today.  The presenters on this panel also had a deep understanding of their topic and it was really interesting to learn about many women in politics who pushed boundaries, more than just a few.  Women like Patsy Mink who promoted the ground breaking Title IX legislation and was very intelligent and dedicated to equal rights for women.  Finally I attended a panel about African American women and how they were depicted in print during the time of Slavery.  What I learned about false and  racist depiction of African American women during that time, as savages who for example killed their own children, was something I had never heard of.  I gained a deeper understanding of the deep roots of racist stereotypes and in particular towards women of that time.  My experience at OAH was interesting, thought provoking and inspiring.

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