Sarah Grimke’s Mother . . . another generation and another chapter.


I have been creating this blog for almost a year, and when I started I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I realized finally that I wanted to do a historical fiction piece. I read Sue Monk Kidd’s book  and was inspired to start a piece on Sarah Grimke’s mom. In the book, her mom’s story isn’t a big part, but I think that she had aspirations and ambitions, before she got married and had kids. Reading the book, I wanted to know more about Sarah’s mom, what her childhood was like, and how that affected her relationship with Sarah. I wanted to share this new discovery with all of you, as a part of my journey through this blog.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Grimke’s Mother . . . another generation and another chapter.

  1. I love this idea. The idea of mothers’ aspirations before and after motherhood are stories itching to be told. What is it about that phase of life that oftentimes puts the focus of the woman away from herself ? Beyond the ubiquitous hormones, society surely plays a role. But I would offer that there is more to it all. There is an intelligence to the idea of life beyond self that some people have, and others do not. Who are the people who strive for “success “ without a support system of some kind? I am curious as to what you will discover in this journey.


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