…150 years later

This weekend I saw another movie about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, called “On the Basis of Sex”. The Sarah Grimke quote was used again, the one I mentioned in a post dated December 11th. Sarah Grimke couldn’t become a lawyer in her time, it was difficult even for a woman to speak in public, but RBG could in her time. RBG carried Sarah’s spirit to the supreme court, by quoting her. The fact that in her time Sarah couldn’t even get an education to become a lawyer and then 150 years later, we have women on the Supreme Court is a sign of change in this country.  It wasn’t easy, and many women like Sarah Grimke were mostly forgotten, except by women like RBG who keep up the work for equality.  There were women spies like the Confederate Belle Boyd, women who secretly fought in the Civil War like Cathay Williams who joined the Union army as a Buffalo Soldier.  In addition to women in lots of other roles, some more direct and some indirect, that changed the course of history.  Sarah did see the end of slavery, but she didn’t win the equality that she wanted for women.  She persisted though, she spoke to people and changed history.  Her name may have been forgotten in most history books, but not her efforts and the efforts of all the women who fought and still fight for the equal treatment of women.

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