Interview and Insights with Dr. Michael Gabriel

IMG_7800Last week I interviewed Dr. Michael Gabriel and we had a great conversation.  Dr. Gabriel is a History Professor at Kutztown University specializing in Civil War and Revolutionary War History.  Dr. Gabriel gave me new insight on the Civil War in general, and on different ways that women contributed to the course of events and shaped Civil War history.  Including women from the Confederate and Union sides who fought in the War, those who influenced the course of the War from the home front, and some women involved in acts of espionage.  One example was Belle Boyd, a woman Confederate spy who was caught by the Union army several times but managed each time to avoid prosecution. I will post parts of the interview in different segments, and I will follow up with more posts of some of the women and the history that we discussed.  Thank you so much to Dr. Gabriel for speaking with me.  Also I will be posting more frequently, hopefully one a week so please comment and I am happy to respond.


2 thoughts on “Interview and Insights with Dr. Michael Gabriel

  1. I’d love to hear more about your interview with the professor. I also am trying to find your post on “ They Fought Like Demons” women who fought in the American Civil War. I read that book and was so excited to hear that there is more to history than battles, dates, and men with inflated egos! What I found fascinating about the book was the different ways women approached impersonating men. The most impressive to me were the women who impersonated men after/before the war because it meant they could vote and own property. It makes all the sense in the world to me, but it never occurred to me that women did that. Enjoy!


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